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        Hefei Yifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered and established on February 16, 2004, with a registered capital of 5.16 million yuan (RMB). The legal representative is Wan Xin, and the general manager is Dong Shuhan. The business scope of the enterprise includes: pesticide formulation compounding, production, packaging, and sales; Sales of chemical products (excluding dangerous goods). The company is located in the Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park in Anhui Province, with a total area of 25970 square meters.
        The 20000 ton/year pesticide formulation compounding and packaging project of Hefei Yifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. has been completed in two phases. The first phase was completed and put into operation in 2014, and passed the acceptance inspection. The second phase was completed and accepted in 2019. In 2023, through technological transformation, the enterprise mainly produced export products such as herbicides, water and powder, and achieved an output value of 160 million yuan (RMB) in 2022.

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